China Association of Metros (CAMET) is a national first-class industry association in urban rail transit which is registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs with the approval of the State Council of China. It is subjected to the operational guidance and supervision of National Development Reform Commission and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and also industry guidance from Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Department of Transportation and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. CAMET is the only national first-class industry association in urban rail transit industry, and also a national non-profit social organization with independent legal entity, as well as national grade 4A association.


     Strictly observe the laws and regulations and strengthen self-regulation, and play the role of a bridge and a hub, to provide services for governments and enterprises and promote the scientific development of the industry.

    Main businesses:

    1. Propagandize and implement relevant national policies, and carry out investigations and studies on the development planning, 

design consultation, investment financing, engineering construction, operation management, equipment manufacturing and 

technological advancement, safety production, and resource management in China's urban rail transit industry, and provide 

suggestions for the government and enterprises; 

    2. Formulate and organize the implementation of relevant regulations of the urban rail transit industry, promote the integrity 

construction and anti-corruption management of the industry, establish and improve the industry self-regulation and restraint 

mechanism, standardize the behavior of members, and maintain a fair competitive market environment; 

    3. Conduct industry statistics work according to the authorization of governmental departments, establish a statistical monitoring 

mechanism for industry development, and publish analytical reports on a regular basis;  

    4. Carry out building of industry talent training system, and carry out cross-regional talent training and exchange;  

    5. Establish Group Standard System, develop Group standard, participate in the formulation of national and industrial standards, 

and promote implementation of the standards;  

    6. Carry out urban rail transit equipment certification according to the authorization of relevant governmental departments;  

    7. Conduct evaluation and review in urban rail transit areas with the approval from relevant governmental departments;  

    8. Organize urban rail transit forums, seminars, exchanges and other related industrial events; organize urban rail transit exhibitions 

as entrusted by government or according to market and industry development needs;  

    9. Provide consulting services in urban rail transit areas; 

    10. Carry out international exchanges, track the developments of foreign urban rail transit, help members to introduce advanced  

foreign technology and management experience, and assist members to “Going out”;  

    11. Take charge of other matters entrusted by the relevant departments. 

Memorabilia of the Association

    October 14, 2011, China Association of Metros (CAMET) held its founding meeting and the first session of member representatives in Beijing. Bao Xuding, former Minister of Machinery Industry, former Deputy Director of the State Planning Commission and former mayor of Chongqing Municipality, was elected as president. 

    In 2012, with the authorization of the National Bureau of Statistics, the Association established the only statistical system covering the whole industry of urban rail transit, regularly publishing statistical analysis reports on urban rail transit. The relevant statistical data has been widely accepted and become the authoritative statistical data of urban rail transit. 

    In 2013, President Bao Xuding and 12 vice presidents jointly signed the Proposal on Urban Rail Transit Development Policy and presented it to the State Council. This Proposal received attention and instruction from Premier Li Keqiang, and Vice Premiers Zhang Gaoli, Wang Yang and Ma Kai and became an important reference for government departments to subsequently issue industry management policies. 

    In 2014, seven national engineering laboratories and an innovation network in the field of urban rail transit were proposed by the Association and approved by the National Development and Reform Commission to be established.  

    In 2015, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice on Strengthening the Planning, Construction and Management of Urban Rail Transit (Fa Gai Ji Chu [2015] No. 49), which requires the Association to play a supervisory and service role, and authorizes the Association to set up a statistical monitoring mechanism for industry development, monitor and track bidding activities, promote third-party certification, and strengthen cross-regional talent training. 

    In 2015, the Association obtained the 1.8G special frequency band for urban rail transit wireless communication from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and formulated China Urban Rail Standard for LTE-M in combination with China’s fourth-generation communication technology, which solved the problem that has plagued the industry for many years and promoted the technological progress of the industry.

Since 2015, the Association has submitted a number of demonstration projects it carried out to the National Development and Reform Commission for national demonstration projects. Among them, the automatic operation system of Beijing Yanfang Line has been put into operation for one and a half years and achieved good results. Therefore, the National Development and Reform Commission held a field meeting to popularize it in the whole industry; Chongqing multi-line interconnection demonstration project has entered the late operation, the Qingdao vehicle communication demonstration project is in smooth progress, and the Shanghai National Demonstration Project for Intelligent Operation and Maintenance has also started, all of which have greatly promoted the technological progress of the industry. 

    In 2016, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China issued the Notice on Implementing Certification of Urban Rail Transit Equipment, authorizing the Association to establish a certification technical committee for the purpose of effectively exerting the self-discipline role of the industry and promoting the certification of urban rail equipment. 

    In 2016, President Bao Xuding submitted the report entitled Urban Rail Transit and High-speed Railway Going Global Together to Premier Li Keqiang and other leaders of the State Council. After being approved, it was transferred to the National Development and Reform Commission for implementation, and the Association has also become a member of the “Inter-ministerial Work Coordination Group for Railways (including Urban Rail Transit) Going Out”, which was headed by the National Development and Reform Commission and joined by 25 ministries, commissions, enterprises, and institutions. The Association was responsible for analyzing the overall situation of urban rail transit “Going out”, proposing work proposals, and regularly submitting written reports. 

    October 24, 2016, the Association held its second membership meeting and the first session of the second council in Beijing. The meeting reviewed and approved the amendments to the Association's Articles of Association and confirmed that the Association adopts the leadership system that combines president rotation system and the president responsibility system. It elected the second council and five rotating presidents, namely, the chairman of Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd., Beijing Metro Operation Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Metro Group Co., Ltd., Chongqing Rail Transit (Group) Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. will be President of the Association, with a term of one year for each. 

    Since the Association was established, it has actively carried out formulation and revision of group standards and has issued a large number of group standards, which have made up for the weak basic work. In 2018, with the approval of the National Standards Committee, the Association has become a group standard pilot organization. 

    In 2018, it held a national urban rail transit vocational skills competition well recognized by the industry. It holds industry teacher training program and talent training forums and other activities every year. The above work has set a precedent for the industry and made up for the lack of talent training in the industry, which has achieved good results and laid the foundation for the follow-up work.  

    In 2018, it participated in the social organization evaluation organized by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and was awarded a 4A certificate. 

    In February 2019, with the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the “China Association of Metros Science and Technology Progress Award” was included in the Social Science and Technology Awards Catalogue of the Office of the National Science and Technology Awards. 


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